Skelion is a plugin of SketchUp. It means you need SketchUp running on your computer to install it. Follow the normal procces to install plugins on Sketchup (Watch manual or SketchUp online help).

Sketchup Make or Pro 2017 and later

Internet Explorer 11 in Windows OS


Skelion v5.4.4 ( Cross - Platform Windows or MAC OS

Free version + 15 days trial of pro version included

Version 5.4.4 March 2023

(Reload the page if link doesn't work. Use "save link as" to save as .rbz and avoid automatic unzipping.)


By purchasing a Skelion license, you will automatically receive a Skelion Pro & Support Package for a year. To keep benefiting of it you can annually renew the package.


  • Download and unzip (.rbz = .zip)
    Your computer can save the file with extension .rbz or .zip. Also your computer can unzip the file without telling you.
  • Save skelion.rb and skelion folder in Plugins folder:

    Windows 10:

    C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\SketchUp\Plugins
    AppData is a hidden folder.
    Select the folder with the right SketchUp year version you have.


    ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Plugins
    Finder normally hides Library. If you press and hold the Option key and then open the Go Menu, the Library item will be listed in the menu. Or Shift Command L to open the Library folder.
    Open SketchUp with root privileges on Macos.
  • Open SketchUp and go to windows - extensions click icon gear and low security to allow all plugins.
  • Run SketchUp and insert Skelion serial clicking on last icon of Skelion toolbar.
  • SketchUp needs the following ports open: 80, 8888, 8080, and 443 SketchUp ports